A.T.O. Conferences & Social media movement

A.T.O. Conference Events are Awesome. The clips in the video are from the event in Louisiana. This interactive event is free!!! The A.T.O. Conferences consist of a full length Drama Play, concert, sporting activities, anti-suicide Life Speakers, and many prizes for youth. Future events coming to Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, etc. We have 1 goal, to stop suicides in the United States and internationally. 

Visit www.AirwaveTakeOver.com 

Young people spread The Word! Boom!


Prizes like Movie Tickets & Game Consoles -- Slam Dunk Contests & Other Sporting Events -- Full Length Drama Plays!!

Join the Movement!

A BIG event to bring awareness to suicides among teenagers & young adults. These conferences are FREE for ages 12 – 24 years old. Visit www.AirwaveTakeOver.com

Future Event Locations

We have also selected specific locations to host A.T.O. 


Tokyo, Japan / Seoul, Korea / St. Petersburg, FL / San Francisco, CA.

To coordinate with us shoot us an email: TheATOoutreach@theato.org

You Are the Movement

We are also an internet movement to STOP SUICIDES all around the world!



1. Listen to >> Life Messages on this webpage.

2. Post your experiences overcoming depression.

3. With every post use #ATOmovement.

4. Join with others to make a stand against suicides.

contact us If you live in the following cities...

Tokyo, Japan / Seoul, Korea / St. Petersburg, FL / San Francisco, CA

We have chosen to bring large scale conferences to these cities to stop the high suicide rates. If you are from these areas or want to partner with us to bring a conference to these cities please DROP US A LINE below...

We have a strategy that will create change and Take Over the Airwaves.

The A.T.O.

P.O. Box 84, Lithia, Florida 33547

Drop us a line!