We connect communities together BY FAITH to stop suicides

First... we identify areas affected by suicides.


Our A.T.O. Team conducts research to verify trends in identified regions. We contact local organizations and ministries to setup meetings and seminars to identify the problem. If your area has had an unfortunate wave of suicides, please email us at:


Next... we connect with the community.


Our team connects with local mental health organizations, youth workers, clergy, and community leaders to assess their capabilities to generate an appropriate response.

Then... we come to your community.


Finally, we all come together to provide education on suicide prevention and awareness. After communication with community leaders, we develop a sustainable action plan to end suicides in your region. This includes affordable methods to educate the local community through local organizations, businesses, and social media.

Director of Community Connections: Khiedrae Walker

Contact us or invite us to your community

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The A.T.O.

P.O. Box 84, Lithia, Florida 33547