Internships & Work Study with the a.t.o.

College Students are awesome!

- Our college Interns & Work Study students are not only awesome but they are the backbone of our operations. They accomplish everything from conducting research & connecting with community leaders to building social media campaigns. 

- At this time all students can work remotely from the comfort of their homes or college dorms. If you have a computer or access to a campus library, you can participate in one of our internships & Work Study programs.  

- Acceptance into our programs depends on your college major, cumulative GPA, and other factors. Please open the Informational / Internship - Workstudy Qualification document below.  

apply here:

Internship Application and Informational / Internship Qualification document  

(1) Read the Informational / Internship Qualification document and ensure you qualify. 

PDF and Microsoft Word documents available.

(2) Complete the Internship Application below.   

Internship Application

Give us 7 business days to process your application. We will contact you shortly after.


Request Internship Information (First read Informational / Intern Qualification document above)

The A.T.O.

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